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Are NFTs and crypto only for the rich?

At the online NFT & Creators Summit, founders on the “NFTs and the Metaverse” panel tackled the subject of this past summer’s NFT avatar frenzy.

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Where is the NFT marketplace heading?

In the June 15 Zima Red podcast, host Andrew Steinwold discussed where the NFT marketplace is heading during his interview with Brendan Cooper of Panini.

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A galaxy of NFT resources

A new NFT resources directory from Digital Culture Works offers a roundup of top NFT marketplaces, virtual worlds using blockchain, crypto tools of note and more.

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The future of NFTs is dynamic

The majority of NFT art today is static. This type of NFT, however, only scratches the service of what the underlying technologies that power NFTs can bring about.

Detail of Krista Kim's Mars house

Will NFTs usher in a new era of creative expression?

The Inside.com event “Understanding the NFT Opportunity” turned out to be an illuminating summit with some of the sector’s most prominent figures laying out their vision of what’s ahead in this emerging world.